3D Printing

While we don’t have hoverboards or hotels on the moon, we do have 3D printing, which is as close to Star Trek Replicators we are going to get for a while.

3D printing is the process of turning one bulk material (reels of plastic or vats of ceramic powder) into 3D objects using the wonderful power of computers and 3D printers.  You start with an idea (sweary wordy jewellery), make a version of what you want in a computer, and then send it to the printer to be made real.  Magic.

The printer fuses the material, layer by layer.  We use Fused Filament Deposition, meaning layers of hot plastic are laid on top or each other, gradually making up a 3D shape.

Our Jewellery

All jewellery is made to order, and we encourage you to submit ideas for really exotic swearing.  Not all words can be printed, as we need to make sure all the letters are joined up in some way.  Up to four words is good.  You can order a bespoke curse or choose from our growing catalogue.